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My Satellite

My Satellite

Current Members:

Bryan Stage

Ryan Ward

Sammi Doll

Andy Marshall

Justin Paul

My Satellite is a charmingly delightful indie/alternative band from Los Angeles, California. Their song “Mirrors” will have you singing your lungs out. Their songs are not like the sound of most of the bands erupting from LA. No, no, no. This band chooses to take a more soothing, melodic, yet still rocking path. Their members are some of the sweetest, kind and most loveable characters you will ever meet. Bryan Stage’s voice is melodic, almost like a lullaby, but there’s something in his voice that makes you alert and puts you under a trance. If this were in a romance movie, it would be like the song at the end. You know? The one that’s in the scene where the girl and the boy are holding each other and smiling and the movie ends on that note. Wouldn’t that be the awesomest song to end a movie on? :D Sammi Doll’s voice compliments Bryan’s and her skills on the piano don’t go without beign noticed :) This band is a band that I want to play at my school’s homecoming next year. I really do! So, My Satellite, if you see this: Hillsboro High School in Nashville, TN. Remember <3 This band already has a large following of fans who ADORE their music. I would love to hear these guys on the radio, so please, spread this and their music around. Pretty please? <3 Go get their songs off of iTunes if you can find them and if you can’t, you can find them right here:┬áCheck ‘em out! <3

(Review done by Maria Hellbunny)

Apr 06. 12 Notes.


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